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How Dryer Motors Work

Most dryers in the United States are plugged into a 220 Volt A/C receptacle. However the motor on most dryers in the US, only uses 110 Volts A/C of that. So why do most dryers require 220 volts? Well it is because dryers need 220 volts to supply enough voltage and current flow to the heater to produce enough heat to dry clothes. By the way, most dryer motors outside the United States operate on 220 / 250 volts A/C. A complete explanation of motor fundamentals is beyond the scope of this forum of Appliance Repair Allen TX.


These windings have a different electrical resistance. Usually the start winding has a higher resistance than the run winding. The resistance in the winding delays the current flow in the motor windings. This delay allows the windings to create essentially four separate electromagnetic fields that help the motor to start. As soon as the motor starts to rotate the start windings need to be disengaged from the circuit. If not the motor will burn up because of the competing electromagnetic fields. This is a key function of the centrifugal switch on the motor. In addition to switching the heater on and off when the motor comes up to speed or shuts down, the centrifugal switch disengages a set of contacts that supply power to the start windings. The best way for non-technical people to check a dryer motor is to inspect it. When a dryer motor fails it usually burns up the windings inside the motor. Looking inside the motor you can see if the windings are burned. There is an odor associated with burned windings.

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What Makes the Best Children’s Playground?

Playgrounds ought to be intended to address the issues all things considered. Such a large number of playgrounds are centered around one age gathering. Notwithstanding, playgrounds should be an available spot for all youngsters, paying little respect to capacity, need, or age.

Obviously, playgrounds ought to have swings! A superb playground ought to have infant swings and swings for greater kids. Playgrounds ought to likewise have tire swings, swings with backs, and lightweight plane swings. There ought to likewise be heaps of swings so there is space for all kids to play!

A playground ought to likewise have many sorts of slides. Winding slides, enormous slides, and little slides are staples of every single great playground. Playgrounds ought to be based on reused tire chips or on gentler, non-permeable surfaces so kids can slide, run and tumble without being harmed.

An ideal playground would likewise have a few highlights that make it open for youngsters with physical requirements. Wide slopes enable children in wheelchairs to move up onto the gear. Tangible exercises like material riddle sheets and coordinating amusements can connect with understudies with additional tactile needs, similar to understudies with mental imbalance. Playhouses and spaces under the hardware ought to be sufficiently wide for understudies who experience issues with gross engine aptitudes.


A playground ought to have a ton of assorted variety. There ought to be heaps of slides, recreations, inclines, climbers, playhouses, riding exercises, and toys for kids to play with. What’s more, there ought to be loads of spots for youngsters to run! What are playgrounds if not a spot for youngsters to get their vitality out? Climbing dividers, bars to flip over, and playground equipment are other great approaches to enable kids to consume their vitality.

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Starters Guide to Perth SEO

A starters guide to what SEO is and a basic step-by-step guide

There is a lot of mystery around what SEO actually is. What are the big players in search engine optimization really doing to get great results in their on-line campaigns? This post will explain the most needed SEO facts, tips and guides to give you a full tutorial on the Basics of SEO. Firstly, you need to be aware of what Google wants from a website and how a search engine chooses which website to place in the ‘SERP’ or search engine results page.

SEO at a very Basic Level can be broken down into these core components:Since the Google ‘Panda’ update in March 2019, content quality is now more important that ever. Every respectable SEO Expert Perth should be creating rich, engaging content that viewers want to share. Why share it? Because it helps both ‘on-page’ and ‘off-page’ website optimisation. Not only is your website now hosting ‘fresh content’ but you are promoting your website through other websites and gaining that all important ‘back-link’ back to your website, this can also bring you extra website traffic.

  • Guest Blogging
  • Article Submissions
  • Press Releases
  • Directory submission
  • Social Media Integration

Before we continue, be aware that a ‘back-link’ is a way of connecting websites to each other and vary greatly in power. For example, if the BBC was to send a hyper link (or back-link) to your website, you would gain Google popularity by being recommended by the most powerful website on the internet, but if my website to hyper link to your website, it would not really count very much as the BBC has far more Domain Authority than mine. SEO overall is determined by three factors, ‘On-page’ (40%), ‘off-page’ (70%) SEO and Social Media strength (10%). Social media signals are generated by being active on social media.

When your website is first launched, there are two key stages that you will need areas that you must focus on if you want to achieve success. The first step is looking at your ‘On-Page’ SEO. This is your websites HTML or PHP coding that can usually be found in the ‘header’ of your websites coding, below are the key ‘on-page’ factors, please note that if you are using the WordPress CMS, you can find your websites header code under the Editor screen in the Appearance tab. Key ‘on-page’ SEO factors:

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • ‘Alt’ Tags
  • H1, H2, H3
  • Bold, Italic and Link Text

The second and final stage is your ‘off-page’ SEO, this is your continuous and on going part of website development. This is known as a link building campaign and what you will want to aim for is relevant, ‘high PR’ or ‘Domain Authority’ links coming to your website. For example, if you were trying to advertise a search engine optimisation company that offers only Basic SEO services, you will want to go to Google and search for ‘Basic SEO’. What websites come first and what is that websites PR? An easy way to find this would be to download a Google Chrome and Firefox plugin called ‘SEO Quake’. Using the extension, you can track down and identify a website that is in your field of relevance with a good page rank. With this website being the target, try to e-mail the webmaster and ask if you could do a guest post on their website?


Most website masters are unlikely to say no! The web-master gets some fresh content on the website and the writer gets a back-link from a high PR, relevant source. Simple, repeat the process and continue your back-link strategy until your website ranks the highest on Google for your keyword. Please note that ‘PR’ means ‘Page Rank’ and is a Google created signifier of a websites back-link quality.

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Just Sully Being Sully – Sports

Doesn’t Buffalo News columnist Jerry Sullivan’s schtick ever get old?



Sully always manages to take a complex situation and make it simple with the same, tired line. When talking about the struggles of Sabres defensemen Dmitri Kalinin and Jaroslav Spacek, Sully offered his usual answer:

It seems a lot like the Carolina series all of a sudden. But I’m sure there weren’t any defensemen available at the trade deadline who could have cracked this top six.

That’s it! Eureka!

It’s too bad I’m in sucha hurry today, but just a couple reasons why they MAY not have traded for a top-six defenseman.

1. They used their available space to pick up Zubrus.
2. Who honestly envisioned Kalinin AND Spacek crapping out in the ECF (I’m not convinced Spacek is playing that poorly, by the way)
3. Wasn’t it largely talked about that Buffalo had one of the top-two or three defensive seven units in the league?
4. Everyone was screaming for blueline depth after what happened against Carolina last year, not a “top-six” guy.
5. Limited cap space.
6. Availability of players.

The list goes on and on. But sometimes it’s just easier to throw out garbage like “But I’m sure there weren’t any defensemen available at the trade deadline who could have cracked this top six.”


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